Lisa Chung, Chair, The Benevolent Society

By Observership
Posted on 03 Apr 2017

The Benevolent Society is delighted to be participating for the second year in the Board Observership program. Applicants to the program are high calibre and well matched to the organisation, such that it was very difficult to select from those we interviewed.  The program delivers great benefit to us as an organisation in identifying candidates who offer great energy, fresh perspectives and a range of expertise to apply to specific projects and our activities generally. In return, The Benevolent Society aims to provide the board observer with a rich and engaging board experience sitting at the table with seasoned directors who have a wide range of experience and expertise and in-depth learning about our sector and its challenges. In this way, we are helping to develop board directors of the future.”

The Benevolent Society – Participating Not-For-Profit in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.