What is the role of the Observer and NFP and Government appointed Boards in managing the Observership throughout the year?

By Observership
Posted on 03 Jul 2020

An open relationship between Observer and Board is essential to a successful Observership for both the organisation and the Observer. The Observership Program encourages direct communication between the Board and their Observer at all times and specially to clarify any issues or concerns that may arise. In the unlikely event of an issue arising which can’t be resolved, The Observership Program should be notified so that it can work with both parties to find a mutually satisfactory solution. The Observership Program undertakes a quarterly progress review with all NFPs and Observers to check that the relationship is functioning smoothly and both parties are benefiting from the experience. This takes the form of a scheduled phone call focused on the Observers’ contributions, and the organisations’ experience and provides an opportunity to identify and discuss any issues or concerns.