What are the Responsibilities of a Participating NFP and Government Appointed Board Organisation?

By Observership
Posted on 03 Jul 2020

The NFP organisation invites its Observer onto the Board for a year and agrees to:

  • Distribute board papers to Observers;
  • Appoint a Board Liaison to serve as the primary point of contact for the Observer and The Observership Program. This liaison will ideally be a senior member of the Board and agrees to induct and introduce the Observer at the first board meeting and to encourage the Observer’s participation and involvement in Board meetings and to facilitate the Observer joining any relevant sub-committee and/or special project;
  • Provide feedback to The Observership Program upon request;
  • Provide The Observership Program with current logos for inclusion on all publicity and marketing platforms; and
  • Inform the Program of any issues in relation to the Observer that may arise over the course of the Program that have not been able to be resolved directly.