What are the benefits to an NFP and Government Appointed Board in participating in the Program?

By Observership
Posted on 03 Jul 2020

The Program provides a range of benefits to NFP and Government appointed board organisations, including:

  • Injecting the next generation’s perspective into the boardroom;
  • Filling a particular skill set requirement on your board (e.g. social media, law, finance, digital, communications, marketing business planning etc.) with an emerging leader;
  • Involving your Observer in a strategic project to deliver concrete benefits to the organisation;
  • Participating in developing the next cohort of leaders in the non-for-profit and for-profit sectors;
  • Strengthening a board’s renewal strategy with no ongoing commitment to retain the Observer at the end of the 12 month program; and
  • Invitations to attend the Program launch and closing session events, with opportunities for informal networking and access to high profile guest speakers.

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