If I apply and identify as an applicant with a disability, will that impact negatively on my application?

By Observership
Posted on 02 Jul 2020

A: The Program actively encourages applicants with a disability to apply. Please contact Belinda Da Silva (belinda.dasilva@observership.com.au) – if you would like to discuss your situation or any adjustments you may need during the selection process or as an observer.

The Observership Program has conducted Disability Confidence Training to support all our candidates and observers.

The Observership Program follows the social model of disability and acknowledges our obligation to ensure any environment, employment or service opportunity is inclusive of people with disability. Adjustments may include but are not limited to: support to complete the online application form, questions in advance of interviews, Auslan / captioning services, accessible meeting spaces.

An accessible copy of the 2023 Application form can be found 2023 Application form_Website Sample.

An accessible copy of the FAQs can be found FAQs_2023 Program.